About US 


 Our Mission:

Encourage and build curiousity, equip learners with tools, introduce technology and coding skills through hands on learning. 

Our Program:

The program will provide preschool and elementary students an opportunity to have fun, explore, learn to code all while bringing their imagination to life.

The program will involve hands-on work and building activities to support problem solving and inspire the student's curiosity. We will also provide creative puzzles, blocks to support and reinforce child's learning. 

Students will learn programming concepts, and use programs (such as scratch & others) to build fun projects. They will be introduced to sequence, patterns, logic, movements and conditions, loops and more. 

While teaching technology, students will be taught digital safety, online safety, and using tech for good. 

Our Story: 

Trinity Ed Tech. is started by a technology veteran, who has been in the Technology industry for over 15 years. She has started and spun several successful programs and initiatves to meet various business needs in various organizations. 

 As a mother, and given experience teaching children, and her vast technology experience have led to this endeavor. She is passionate about sharing the spark of learning new technology to young children, so they can grow and become successful in their paths and use technology for a greater good.

Contact Us:  trinity.teched@gmail.com



Programs run each month on an agreed day / time with your school. Please check your school flyer for registration and fees information.